Dry Dock

 At the northern most edge of the site is the remains of a dry dock that was owned by The Stourbridge Canal Company. The dry dock worked with a gated system in much the same way as a lock, filling itself from the canal and emptying into the River Stour via the Stourbridge Canal overflow from two drainage sluices. 

The dry dock was eventually replaced by the one near the Red House Cone possibly because, as suggested by Graham Fisher, the canal was losing too much water through its functioning. 

The entrance to the dry dock has been restored in recent years and is lower than the original would have been. What remains is the hand forged posts for the hand rail as well as the water sluices that are situated further down the canal overflow. There are only several dry docks of this type that remain in the UK.

Restoration work being carried out in the the 1990’s. Dry dock  bridge in the background.

14051604_1818365958400308_4845683188439719556_nImage courtesy of Christopher Armfield

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