Riverside House


Riverside House itself was the managers house for the iron works and is a mid nineteenth century grade II listed house. In its recent history, a fire gutted the house and destroyed its roof. However, it is considered that the walls are largely structurally sound. 

Artists impression of how the house might have once looked:

Riverside House© Copyright Brownhill Hayward Brown architects & West Midlands Historic Buildings Trust


Underneath the house is a large vaulted cellar which is divided into two larger spaces, one at the bottom of the stairs and another adjoining, as well as several small cupboard or larder spaces. The brick work is all intact and appears to be structurally sound.



Riverside House has lots of recent graffiti. There are inward facing figures that reminded me of gargoyles found outside churches inasmuch as they are spooky and haunting. There are additionally various colourful markings and stencils. This is activity that is still an essential part of Riverside’s narrative. It may be wise to not just eradicate them, so I took these images to preserve them.


5 thoughts on “Riverside House

  1. I Worked on Stourbridge Canal in the 90’s and the House was in Good shape then, We used it as a storage for Our tools to work on the Restoration of Areas of the Canal. I have a few Photos and a News Paper page with the Last Man and his Son to have lived in the Riverside House.


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